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Comenity net victoriassecret Activate – Vsangel card is a short abbreviation of a Victoria Secret card. Vsangel card is a branded credit card. It is a card by the well-known brand known as Victoria’s Secret. You can use your vsangel card in the two best possible ways to avail some of the exciting offers or discount points for you.

The first way of using your Victoria secret angel card is by making purchases online by the card at their website. Victoria’s Secret’s official online site is

Comenity net victoriassecret Activate – Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

You can also use your Victoria Secret angel card by visiting their offline stores which are named Victoria’s secret and are also known as the pink store. Make sure you use your Victoria secret card to avail yourself of the discounts and rewards.

Comenity net victoriassecret Activate

In addition to this, there are also well-introduced brands like baths and bodywork and others who accept Victoria’s secret angel card. The rewards, bonus points, and all of the perks of Victoria Secret Cardholder totally depend on which tier you are in.

Victoria’s Secret angel card comes along with a set of three tiers which totally depends on the number of purchases you make the whole year using your vsangel card. Make Payment

The reward or the bonus points of Victoria secret card works in such a manner that is you will receive one point of bonus for one dollar. Thus, one dollar would be equal to your one bonus point. For example, if you spent 20$ using your Victoria secret angel card then you will be receiving 20 bonus points for your card.

If you are a regular buyer of Victoria’s secret then this card will apt in your wallet or purse perfectly. The well-structured or the regular buyer receives an extra portion of benefits to the user.

Victoria Secrets Login

If you are wondering about how to activate your vsangel card with any chaos and hustle free process, then below you will see we have provided the detailed points below:

  • For the first process, you need to visit the Victoria card activation website. For activating your vsangel card keep your card and personal identification documents in your nearby place as it will be needed. The procedure is:
  1. Open the website link on your phone. The Victoria website activation address is
  2. As the website is opened, click on activate. A form will open up. Fill in all the details asked and then proceed.
  3. After you have successfully submitted, your card will be activated.
  • For the other option, you need to dial the Victoria secret toll-free customer care service number. The representative will ask for your details. Provide them the correct details and thus your card will get activated in the backend in a hustle-free manner.

Victoria secret activation toll-free customer care number- 1-877-695-1788. It is a toll-free number there will be no charges charged for the call.

Victorias Secret Credit Card Login Page

Victoria Secret provides you numerous interests benefit and rewards that would be available if you are a Victoria secret cardholder. All the beneficial points are mentioned down below in one of the best-detailed formats. The points are:

  1. Victoria secret angel card comes in three tiers. The three tiers are named as a basic tier, silver tier, and the last one is known as gold tier. The tiers are totally based on the total amount of money you have spent using your vsangel card. Each tier has its own benefits. Once you reach a certain number of bonus points you get upgraded to the next level.
  2. The first tier of Victoria secret card is known as the basic tier. It is the tier that everyone begins their journey with. For the basic tier, you would be getting certain fixed benefits. The first benefit is that you will be receiving 3 points for all of your bra purchases. For each bra, you will be receiving three bonus points.
  3. Along with it, you will also get free shipping for the purchases you make but your total cart value needs to be 50$. The brand takes care of their customer in an overwhelmed way, you will be given a gift of 10$ on your every birthday. You can redeem your 10$ in your upcoming next order.
  4. The Victoria secret card 2nd tier is known as a silver card. It is the next level of the basic cards. If the basic tier cardholder reaches earning points of 250 count within one year i.e. within the time period of 12 months then the basic tier card gets promoted to the silver tier card.
  5. The silver tier card enjoys all the existing benefits of the basic tier card of Victoria secret. To make it different and also exclusive for the silver tier cardholders they also get a bonus of 10$ in half of the respective card owner’s birthday and they also get additional points of 15% on the date of their silver card anniversary.
  6. Moving on towards the highest tier card of Victoria secret card i.e. the gold tier. All the benefits available on both of the tiers are also applicable to the gold tier card members. For being a gold tier member the cardholder needs to achieve a total of 500 points to get in the gold tier. The card helps you in getting the highest amount of treats. The Victoria gold tier member receives a 15$ treat on both their birthdays and also on their halfway birthday with an exclusive 20% discount on the anniversary date


If you are a regular customer of Victoria secret then you should go for this card. And if you also love bath and body works then this card is a must-have for you. It provides you immense offers on various eligible products. You can also gift the Victoria secret card to your loved ones online.

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